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We aspire to reach out to female alumnae to enrich their lives, and by doing so, enriching ours.

The University of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter was created because we wanted to support our undergraduate sisters as mentors and re-connect with our organization as alumnae. Sisters graduate from UC and settle all over the country making it hard to stay in touch and strengthen our bonds outside of the Alumnae Chapter. Building on the foundation of our virtues, we are able to support one another through our post graduate lives and keep Delta Phi Lambda close to our hearts.



In April of 2017, Elizabeth "Luminosity" Nguyen & Carah “cLover” Bui, gathered a group of fourteen dedicated alumnae women to start an interest group to establish an alumnae chapter for the University of Cincinnati. 


The establishing members include:

Elizabeth “Luminosity” Nguyen

Carah “cLover” Bui 

Linda “Opal” Nguyen
Paulina “Polaris” Thai

Jessica “Lily” Truong

Lu “Accent” Xie

Michelle “Rhapsody” Kim

Ronak “Menyala” Makadia

Kristina “XEIRΛ” Nguyen

Monica “Mars” Tieu

Donna “Breezy” Nguyen

Mai “Helios” Nguyen

Cara “Cypress” Ding

Elysam “Oriion” Raib

Together, they created an opportunity for alumnae to reconnect with the sorority after graduation, no matter where the alumna moved to. The association made long-distance bonds possible, and operate digitally. They encourage alumnae to become involved in mentorships, networking, career coaching, and creating creative (short & long distance) sisterhood events. 


With all their hard work, strong motivation and dedication, the University of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. was officially established at the National Convention of 2018. 


The Alumnae members of Delta Phi Lambda Beta Chapter Alumnae Association feel extremely privileged to be enriched by our close-knit sisterhood post-graduation.  We seek to reach out to young women so that they can be welcomed into our family and enjoy the benefits of our organization. Motivated and ambitious, we strive to promote every conviction of Delta Phi Lambda. Thus, we aspire to reach out to female alumnae to enrich their lives, and by doing so, enriching ours.



Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. advocates Asian awareness and empowers women leaders through its values-based programs and forges Everlasting Sisterhood through diverse shared experiences.


Delta Phi Lambda will be the Sorority that is recognized by universities and among the greater fraternal community for its progressive initiatives that aim to develop women into strong, independent leaders.


Inspire, Empower, Sisterhood, Professionalism, Service, & Excellence

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