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In the Spring of 2002, six young ladies came together in hopes of establishing an Asian-Interest Sorority at the University of Cincinnati. Hyunjin Lee Nakajima, Vicky Anh Cao, Hannah Lee Seoh, Joann Ellen Truong Nguyen, Nancy Tram Dinh Nguyen, and Quyen Ha Phan began pledging Delta Phi Lambda with the aspiration to create unity among the different ethnic groups on campus and to eventually help bridge the gap between Asians and other cultures. They also foresaw many opportunities an Asian-Interest Sorority could bring to help develop Asian females into strong, independent leaders of the future. In coming together, these six ladies also hoped new friendship will flourish among the group.


​With the drive towards many common goals, Hyunjin, Vicky, Hannah, Joann, Nancy, and Quyen found friendship and support among each other and began building the foundation for a lifetime of sisterhood. Through hardwork, dedication, trials and tribulations, these six young ladies overcame barriers and built cohesive bonds to charter a colony of Delta Phi Lambda at the Univeristy of Cincinnati on August 17, 2002. The legacy of Delta Phi Lambda shall live on through the works of the charter class and for generations to come. "Let Our Light Shine Forth..."

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